Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Русская Mузыка

Every Tuesday for our conversation class, we have the privilege of attending music class. It's really not that bad, and we get to learn a little about Russian history through the old folk songs that we are singing, oh and we get to watch tv as well! So, I guess it's good! :)

Well, today, Julie and I were faced with the task of singing an American song. Do you know how hard it is to find a song that has some great meaning and that's also considered old?? Yeah, there's not that many, especially ones that are easy to sing, but thankfully our teacher kept asking for spirituals, and these two girls, well we know a few spirituals. The song that came to both of our minds was Amazing Grace. So, before it was our turn to sing, I just asked God for guidance and for the knowledge of how to explain the song in Russian and that our classmates and teacher would get an understanding of the song and of its meaning.

So, when it came time to singing, I opened my mouth and out came the words of that beautiful song. I heard the Korean girl across from me, breathe in and say something in Korean and then she smiled. Also, I could see our teacher from the corner of my eye, and I saw that she too recognized the song. We only sang the two verses we could remember and then it was time for me to explain. All I could put together with my limited Russian, along with the help of my trusty dictionary, was that it was an old British and American song that's about when Jesus Christ died for us, He gave us grace. When we first believe in Him, we receive that grace.

After I finished explaining the song, our teacher told us that she had heard the song before when she visited America. Then she asked if we could give her the words.

Julie and I know for a fact that we were the only believers in the room and I pray that our song, along with it's very limited translation reached the hearts of our classmates and teacher. Here are the names of our classmates, Moto, Hyien, Yukari, Mien, Roma, Enjay, Hoozal, and Pak Segee. I'm not sure of our music teacher's name because we only have her once a week, and I forgot it!

Please be praying for our class, that Julie and I will seek to glorify the Father and that through us seeking Him that others will in turn start to desire and seek that themselves. Also, please pray that each of our classmates and teachers will have a believer in their lives that is able to communicate to them in their native language and speak the truth to their hearts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Going on a Walk

Wow! God is good!! Today we went prayer walking around the center of the city, and even had some answered prayers before we were finished with the walk. Here’s what happened:
So this morning starts off overcast and cool. I wasn’t feeling too good, I’ve had like a cold or allergy thing going on, and so I wasn’t really up to walking all over the city and I was actually kind of dreading the walk, but I went anyway.

We arrived at the church a few of our Russian brothers and sisters were already there. After waiting around a few more minutes, Nadia, the prayer coordinator at church starts talking and holds up this bowl of rock salt. Then she has these little pieces of paper that are stapled on the sides passed out to each of us. I take one and notice that there’s nothing written on them. Then she holds up the bowl of salt and reminds us of the verse in Matthew where it talks about us being the salt of the earth. She then passes the bowl around, and each of us take a small handful and put it in our paper pouches. As we’re walking through the city, we are to spread it in the streets. I loved this idea!

So, Julie and I start off walking from the church and we head through the center of town making our way to the Vokzal, or train station. As we’re just getting started in our walk and crossing the central square, it starts to rain, and not just a little drizzle, I mean big drops of rain. Today was the celebration of the krai, which is like a state, and there was to be a concert later on in the day at the square, but if it rained, the event would have been postponed. So we prayed for the rain to stop and for God’s presence to fill the square. After turning the corner and walking down the road for a few minutes, we noticed that the rain had stopped. Then as we all gathered to have a final prayer over the city as a group, I looked up and saw the sun shining! God is good even in the little things He is good! Thank you for providing the sun and for making the rain to stop so that we could finish our walk and not be completely soaked, and thank you Father for making the rain go away, so that my friends could celebrate their history.

I'm glad that I went, and while we were walking, I didn't feel tired, or really remember all of my ailments, it wasn't until after the walk when we were heading home that I remembered my complaints. Sometimes I wonder how much the evil one has his hands in things, trying to make me miss out on one of God's blessings!

Please continue your prayers for my Russian friends. Pray that Father will bless me with new people that need to be a part of the family, and pray for the softening of their hearts. Also, please pray for my Russian brothers and sisters, that Father will show them how to reach their world for Him.

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