Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi Everyone!!

I was spammed! If you're wondering if I got held up at gun point in London, please be assured, that I have never been to London and that I am perfectly fine out here in the Far East! Don't worry, I've already started working on taking care of the situation.

Thank you everyone for your concern and prayers!!

Alexa :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seeds, Deeds, Weeds

This past week, the Father revealed a lot of me. Some things I'd heard before, and I needed to hear again for the first time with open ears. Something that stood out was something Dr. Thom Wolf said, and this is me paraphrasing, "Sometimes we need to pull the weeds, so that the soil will be able to be good, so we can sow the seeds."

Wow! How true is that? Think about weeds, what do they do? They ruin the harvest.

We do need to sometimes get the junk out of our lives in order to get to the good fertile soil that lies beneath. It kind of makes me wonder, what weeds need to be pulled in my part of the world? Is there fertile soil that surrounds me, yet I can't see it because of all the weeds covering it up?

If people represent the fertile soil, what represents the weeds? Bad habits? Alcohol? Drugs? Or maybe, could it even be, dare I say, people?

What people, in the world that surrounds you, are weeds?

Get rid of the weeds, and I think you may be surprised at what lies beneath.

"Sow the seeds. Do the deeds. Pull the weeds."
-Dr. Thom Wolf

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