Friday, December 9, 2011

All Things New

I love history and traveling and seeing old buildings, it's fascinating! I believe one of the reasons traveling to new places intrigues me is because I can walk where people have been walking for years. I can tour buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years, and touch the old bricks and imagine what life was like when they were put into place. Also, I love to know the history of the building. Yes, today, it might be a museum or a library, and maybe even a grocery store, but what was it originally?

When the architects drew up the plans for the building what was their intentions? What was the purpose of the building?

Russia has a lot of old buildings, and many of them were built during the old Soviet days. Most of these Soviet buildings aren't what I'd consider beautiful, but they do intrigue me, even though I see no aesthetic beauty in them. I love their history. Most of these old buildings were built so people could use them to spread Communism.

The school where I am living and working was actually built back in the Soviet days. The campus was used for youth camps where children were forced to attend each summer so they could be indoctrinated with Communist ideology.

About 11 years ago, Korean missionaries bought the land and buildings and turned it into a Christian International school. I love how something that was made to spread the old Soviet ways is being used to spread the Truth.

If God can do this with old buildings, what can He do with you?

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