Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Wow! It has been awhile since I've last posted! I have been going non-stop and life has gotten in the way of me taking care of the little things, like this blog, and sending out my newsletter. Sorry, that I've been electronically absent for awhile.

Anyway, something that God has done over the past few months, since August, is that He has given me a way to come back here next Fall. I will be coming back to this amazing city to teach English at an international school. I am so excited about it, and ready to teach some kiddos, but I think the thing that I am most excited about, is that my little brother will be coming over here with me! He is also going to be teaching English at the same school, and I think it will be an experience for both of us!

I'm not quite sure about our living arrangements yet, but I know that the Father already has it all planned out!

So, what's new with you? What has the Father been doing in your life? Has He shown you a new ministry opportunity? Has He taught you something new?

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