Friday, June 3, 2011


Why do we settle? Why do we choose second best?

Whether it’s picking your life mate, buying a car, or making every day decisions, why do we choose second best?

Because at the time, it seems easier! It seems easier to settle for the man that is a good guy, yet isn’t God’s choice for you. It’s easier to buy that car that is cheaper, yet you know its lesser quality and won’t last as long. It’s easier to choose to hang out with those friends and go to that party, instead of spending the night with your family.

But where do these easier choices get us? Most of the time, we find ourselves unhappily legally bound, frustrated and broke, dissatisfied and lonely.

So, how do we know what is God’s best for our lives? It’s by spending time with God daily and reading the Word and talking with Him. It’s not hard! It’s really quite simple, yet most of us are too lazy to do it every day. Hey, this is another one of those settling areas! We settle for a mediocre relationship with God, when we could have an intimate thriving relationship with a magnificent and glorious Creator of the Universe!

Stop settling! Start seeking the Savior for advice! It’s simple!

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