Saturday, September 7, 2013


Life is messy. It isn't neat and it is FAR from perfect. We laugh, we cry. We love, we loose love.

Life can be a beautiful thing, but it's also full of hurts and pain. It's easy to pull within ourselves and to shelter our hearts and minds from experiencing pain.

I sometimes wonder why God allows certain people to be called home and then allows others to live. Why call home a sweet little boy who was celebrating with his family his dad's accomplishment of completing the Boston Marathon? Why call home a vibrant, dedicated, 30 year old husband with a family at home...Yet leave the murderers, rapists, terrorist, and other vile human beings?

Life is messy. It's painful. It's confusing.

It's so easy to look at all of life's hurts, pains, and frustrations and say, "Why, God?" It's also easy to turn your back on God and to withdraw inside yourself and to cut off loving others because loosing a loved one hurts. But we have to live. We have to love, laugh, dance, sing, run, and play. We have to make the choice to wake up the next day and say, "Thank you God for another wonderfully glorious day!"

We have to choose to live, and to live life abundantly.

  1. Existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.
  2. Having plenty of something.
plentiful - copious - profuse - ample - affluent - rich

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." -John 10:10

So I ask myself this question- "Am I living life abundantly? Or am I choosing to dwell in the things that the thief comes to kill and destroy?" 


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