Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bigger Than I Can Imagine

Today, on the way home from church, I was with one of my dear Russian friends and she shared that her parents had recently been in the states for a conference. At the conference, they found out that the church had been praying for my brother, John, and me. Somehow, this church knew of our struggles that we are dealing with in our current living/working situation. I have no idea how they found out, but I am so grateful for their prayers!

I think that's just like God to not only reassure us that people are praying for us, but to also put us in our place and to show us how big HE is.

Sure, I have friends in California, but I haven't really shared with any of them the struggles that we are experiencing, and I know that my brother and John as well haven't shared with anyone. We have no idea how this church knows, but just knowing makes it much better! People are standing with us, and seeking God for us! Wow! I am amazed at how God works for us!

What an amazing God we serve!!

And to the people out there praying for me, my brother, and John....THANK YOU!!! Just knowing that others are praying for us, helps so much!!!

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